Your free report on how web designers scam their Birmingham clients

A vibrant and engaging website is a great strength of any business. Institutions around the world pay to have the best website possible. But sometimes, clients end up with a troublesome site that costs them more money to run. This is the trick that web designers use to ensure that the client keeps paying them to 'fix' problems.

How it is done

When you pay someone to create a website for you, it seems obvious that the site belongs to you. But your designer can put checks in place that lock you out of your site unless they give you permission. This may seem illegal, but the agreement could be hidden in the contract that you signed. This is a big problem, especially if your site was made specifically for marketing because it will need frequent editing.

Clients are enticed by web design Birmingham agencies by being convinced to use a 'special proprietary platform'. This means that the designer builds your site on their platform. They get to have all the access. You have to pay them to make any changes on your site. Basically, you are stuck with them for life.

How you can safeguard your website

Website owners can protect themselves by being shrewd before signing any contract. Ask your web designer some questions about ownership and use his answers to make a decision. Get your lawyer to go over your contract before you sign. Only sign when you are sure you own the domain and the actual website.

Also make sure that you own the copyright, code, the analytics data and all other data. If you already own a website, check your contract details. Verify its content by trying to access logins and subscriptions from an email account that you control.

Exit strategy

If you find yourself in this mess already, you have two options. You can move the website from the designers platform if ownership is not established in your contract. The second option is to create a new website on another platform. This is the option that most clients resort to after falling prey to unscrupulous web design Birmingham firms.